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Beyond Reading Notes, created by Kathy Martin Truman, is a comprehensive training
manual for those seeking how to play the piano without having to read notes. Easy to follow are the operative words as Ms. Truman guides the student with step by step instruction for understanding music theory, playing by ear, reading lead sheets, arranging music, composing  and much more. Imagine enriching your power of improvisation instead of being glued to notes on a page! Have fun creating the diversity of harmonic color with jazz, blues and boogie-woogie chordal accompaniment. Beyond Reading Notes is a five star go-to program for beginners to experts and is worth every penny as you glean from Ms. Truman’s expertise.


Cheryl Burton

Alcia Adams.jpg

Kathy's approach to music is truly a gift. She has a talent for teaching her students the chords and progressions that create what we know as music. As you take her course you will find yourself learning new techniques and experiencing music in a whole new way. She is a fabulous teacher and has helped countless students understand the theory and magic of the piano.

Alicia Adams

Emly Harvey 001.jpg

I love how Kathy gives simple music depth and breadth. I love her music and I love her full sound.

Emly Harvey 

Leona Goodsell.jpg

I had taken piano lessons most of my childhood, and considered myself an average pianist that had gotten rusty from not playing for years. I was taught piano by four teachers, my last teacher was a very accomplished and well-known teacher that you had to audition to be accepted as her student. Since I feel strongly that learning music gives us a background that helps benefit our lives, I signed my daughter up for lessons from Kathy when she was eight years old. I would sit down with my daughter to help her practice; and I found I was learning so much more about music than I had ever been taught. I became so excited about what Kathy was teaching my daughter, that I signed up for lessons for myself. The music theory lessons from Kathy developed another dimension to my piano education. Now I don't just play notes, I understand the theory behind the notes and this has helped me improve my performance!

Leona Goodsell 

Kerstin Beach.png

Kathy is a very talented pianist. The piano sings when she plays. I have enjoyed learning from her. She has so much musical knowledge, which allows her to help you, no matter what level you are at. It is easy to understand with her teaching style. She is fun to learn from. I highly recommend her lessons!

Kerstin Beach 

Cactus Jack.jpg

"Kathy's piano course is far beyond just teaching music. She has this incredible sense of the power of music, note by note. Most musicians can play a certain style or discipline. But Kathy can improvise in any style and any song. Kathy has created a course that helps you find your musical soul...

Cactus Jack Le Mar

Janet (2).jpg

I have taken close to 12 years of music training, mostly on the piano. Although I read music well and can play on an advanced level, I never completely understood the structure of music, chords and theory until I took Kathy Truman's workshops. The knowledge that she shared is very practical and can be applied to enhance what I already learned. However, better than that, it has answered many of the questions I had regarding arranging music and has opened a whole new world of creativity for me including composition and arranging music! My ability to sightread and improvise has improved a great deal since studying with Kathy. I will continue to study the fundamentals I have learned from her and only wish I had been taught like this in my early years. I highly recommend this course to anyone who desires to improve their performance and learn new techniques.

Janet Pitcher 

Cheri Testimonial.jpg

I LOVED taking piano from Kathy Truman!  She is able to teach people of any age how to love music and make it a part of your life.  She helped me stretch my skills in sight reading as well as in making new arrangements of songs.  She instilled confidence in my ability to play the piano well and helped me catch a vision to expand the ways I could use my talents in playing the piano.  I wrote two arrangements of songs that I continue to play and enjoy and I feel able to continue to make new arrangements of songs I love.  Thank you so much Kathy!

Cheri Israelsen


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